How to Get More Life Insurance For The Money

There are some small mistakes that are commonly made when purchasing life insurance, that cost seniors hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Lets go over some of them here.

The biggest culprit are the plans purchased through the mail. The ones that promise really low rates and say everyone qualifies. These plans are sold by some of the biggest insurance companies, so many people fall into this trap without knowing the full picture.

These plans usually have higher costs and come with a 2 year waiting period built in. So it’s an over priced policy and does not start right away. The applicant would need to wait two years before the policy is in full effect. What they do is pool sick people and healthy people together and everyone gets the same rate. Not fair or a good option for a healthy person that can get a much better deal if they were to go with an independent insurance agent.

When insureds check their policies and read the fine print, many are shocked that they have been over charged and mislead. They feel taken advantage of by the big insurance companies. They were never aware of the fine print. It’s always in the applicants best interest to know all the details about the policy before they sign anything.

It’s a no-brainer to speak to a licensed agent when it comes to important financial decisions and money is involved. Getting a second opinion wont hurt and will give you the confidence in your plan choice.

Quick Version: You might not have the policy you thought you did. Some policies come with restrictions and limitations. You can verify your policy and eligibility here, or by calling 1 (888) 514-6450.

Americans Encouraged To Shop Their Rates

Individual Life Insurance rates have come down a bit in the past few years because people are living longer. As a result many Americans are overpaying and will continue to overpay as they live longer and healthier lives. Most industry experts know that Americans could pay less for life insurance if only they knew where to look.

A warning to American seniors. Be careful with the insurance applications you fill out by mail. Don’t pay for a policy for 24 months with out being fully covered. Check if you qualify for something better first. Until now, you had to shop and do a medical exam to even be considered. Now it’s easier than ever to see if you qualify for day one coverage.

Life insurance is not a topic to second guess or put off to the last minute, until it gets to a point where it’s no longer affordable.

Over 500,000 happy seniors have already went through the simple process. If you would like to learn more about your potential savings and how to get started, just call 1 (888) 514-6450 and ask them to check your eligibility for free.

Being able to speak to a licensed insurance professional, and get all the available options has been a game changer for most. It has made this process one of the most effective services for finding the best life insurance programs in any part of the country.

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